Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dim is Sum yummee creem puffs at da Golden Unicorn!

Yo wuddup yall. dis iz badass67 cummin atcha frum da supperrr klub blog. Dis week we went downtown to Chinatown so we cud get our eet on! Dim Sum wuz not wut I espected it to bee. I wuz like "why are we eetin suppa at like 11 in da mornin?". But it wuz off da chain! Dey came aroun wit little carts of all kinds of yummee thangs I neva tried befo: deez little sweet balls, deez pork balls, deez egg rolls, deez duck, deez scrimp balls, and deez whole scrimps wit dey face on! I neva see doze anyway I go! But mos deelishus wuz da creem puffs. Mm! I'm gon dreem about dem lata. An Oh ma god how cheep! Baysicklee eech little dish cost like wun dolla so we only paid 10 dolla each! Oh Snap! an da decor wuz like bein in da empera's palis. I would definilly reccommend diz place to enybody dat wants some Chinese brefkist errly in da day. Das it fo dis week yall. Piece!

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