Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dim is Sum yummee creem puffs at da Golden Unicorn!

Yo wuddup yall. dis iz badass67 cummin atcha frum da supperrr klub blog. Dis week we went downtown to Chinatown so we cud get our eet on! Dim Sum wuz not wut I espected it to bee. I wuz like "why are we eetin suppa at like 11 in da mornin?". But it wuz off da chain! Dey came aroun wit little carts of all kinds of yummee thangs I neva tried befo: deez little sweet balls, deez pork balls, deez egg rolls, deez duck, deez scrimp balls, and deez whole scrimps wit dey face on! I neva see doze anyway I go! But mos deelishus wuz da creem puffs. Mm! I'm gon dreem about dem lata. An Oh ma god how cheep! Baysicklee eech little dish cost like wun dolla so we only paid 10 dolla each! Oh Snap! an da decor wuz like bein in da empera's palis. I would definilly reccommend diz place to enybody dat wants some Chinese brefkist errly in da day. Das it fo dis week yall. Piece!

Golden Unicorn NYC

 This week's restaurant was:

 Golden Unicorn
18 E. Broadway
(212) 941-0911

We will be blogging on the experience soon!

Monday, January 25, 2010

By the way....

 By the way, here are the websites for the restaurants this week:

 Itzocan Cafe

and  Butter Lane

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Satan's laugh and Supper love

So, as you all have read, we went to a very adorable restaurant tonight whose decor was way cool. I particularly liked a poster of a man laying with his bottle of tequila that read "Bienvenidos." Reminds me of home (laredo, tx). Unlike Sarah, i had the sauteed shrimp WITH chile which was very very tasty. Highly recommend it. The homeless cackling man was far too close to my face and I was legitimately scared on our way to Butter Lane, where I highly enjoyed the wall paper. There's a nice decor theme running through this post, but I've been furnishing my apartment so I guess that's where my heightened decorative awareness came from.

Itzocan Cafe ( Ave A and 9th) and Butter Lane ( Ave A and seventh)

 A supposed mix of French and  Mexican, I thought this place was pretty good.  I ordered the fried goat cheese ravioli with various salsas and the special which was sweet corn asparagus soup-- so yummy.  Also ate copious amounts of the freshly made guacamole, which was really delicious, although it should be at $8.00 dollars a pop.   Ended up spending a little more than the quoted $20, at about $25, but I think it is doable for less if you skip the two servings of guacamole.

As as whole.. I give it 4 stars. Pretty yummy.  A little overpriced. But cool vibe.

Butter Lane is a cupcake place that I personally think rivals Magnolia.  No line, which is always a plus, and the $1 frosting shots off the twenty (or so) flavor list is pretty great. Got the cream cheese frosting. Oh yeah.  The couple sitting there when we got there said that the burnt sugar flavor was to die for.  Also they have monthly cupcake classes- which sound dangerously helpful.

4. 5 stars!

 Till next week :)


French Mex/Evil Man/Butter Lane

Sooo we ventured over to a delightful restaurant on 10th and A, and now of course I can't remember the name but one of you will help me out. It was French/Mexican, and I'm not sure where the French really came in, but it was indeed delicious. I had the Shrimp Saute without the chile because I am a wussy. The sangria also looked good but I surprisingly restrained due to an evening of impending homework. We then proceeded a block over to Butter Lane, where we were followed by a scary homeless man who cackled at us from a very near distance. As much as it should creep me out I can't stop laughing when I think of it because I initially thought the laughter was coming from Scarlet and Rebecca. Anyhow, Butter Lane was incredible and about ten times better than Magnolia. There, I said it. But it's true! Try the banana and cream cheese and you will not be disappointed....that's all for now, ta ta!